PM Support / Procurement

Document Control

Consistent, standardized practices are essential to the success of every project. We can advise on your workflow and help your team post and process plans, manage documents and handle project tracking. Stay up-to-the-minute and keep your project team on the same page with our proven Document Control methods.

Mechanical Systems Project Management Support

Modern has the specialized construction management experience to support your mechanical systems project management team. Our experts will improve the coordination between your project management team, Modern's detailing team and the field teams. With our proactive support, you will be better able to control the project's scope, schedule, and budget.

Contract with Modern to:

  • Manage document control
  • Develop and manage Submittals
  • Coordinate and facilitate meetings
  • Serve as the point person for your communications
  • Track labor and verify quantities-in-place
  • Produce Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Equipment Purchasing

Modern facilitates efficient procurement strategies and practices with suppliers and clients. We can help locate the equipment you want at the best price, purchase and track equipment and material deliveries for your project.