About Us

What do an architecture firm, a shoe store, a cleaning business, and a composite engineering and supply company have in common? The founders of Modern Construction Services.

Our families owned and operated these small businesses, and shaped our worldview with their tireless dedication to their customers and employees. Embracing a spirit of entrepreneurship and the American Dream, our parents modeled the value of hard work, loyalty, and commitment. They were passionately engaged in their work, and always strived to improve the lives of their families, colleagues, customers and communities. We are all better for their efforts.

The values and lessons we learned early in life, and honed through our experiences in the construction industry, influenced our decision to launch Modern Construction Services. Our owners -- siblings, spouses, and dear friends -- are delighted to continue this history of family owned businesses in our generation.

Our company is built on Modern principles: we strive to develop long-term relationships with our client partners; we provide opportunities for our team to learn and grow; we act with integrity; and we ensure quality and value. With an outstanding team, state of the art technology, and efficient systems, we are proud to deliver services that solve our client's challenges in creative and cost effective ways.

It is a vibrant time in construction, and we are excited to be at the forefront -- serving our clients, investing in our team, contributing to the community, and building the future. That's the Modern way.